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Flying Cat is a French company created by Mr Wilfried Dunand and his dad Jacques Dunand in 2007. It is based in the South of France and their electrically assisted bicycles are very successful on the French market. They became aware of the rapid growth in transport problems in Europe (traffic jams, cost of vehicles, fuel prices...) and foresaw the possibilities of the use of e-bikes, especially in urban centres.

Flying Cat NZ Ltd is a subsidiary created by Deborah Greenwood, and is based in Napier, New Zealand.

We are electric bicycles specialists.

Our concern is to provide high quality e-bikes, of original design and color, at a competitive and accessible price.

Today our range has 5 different e-bikes answering the needs of everyone with regards to equipment, ergonomics, and colours.
Our Aluminum frame e-bikes all use Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries in 36 or 24 Volts/ 10 Ah.

We participate many times a year in Trade Shows and Exhibitions in Europe.

We also sell our e-bikes through a network of retailers in New Zealand and internationally. Our selected partners, bicycle specialists, provide quality repair service if needed.

We wish to be close to our customers and to listen to their comments.
Our philosophy: “A name, a face for each of our clients

Why Electric Bikes? Help people to reduce their carbon footprint, save money, commute faster, ease parking, help people who used to bike to get on one again, keep fit, go onto scenic routes otherwise impossible to ride on, and obviously feel free and have fuuuuunnn !!!

Standards and Regulations

Manufacturing standards to assure the fit and functionality of a bike’s many components have been developed and, as a result, bicyclists enjoy a high level of component compatibility. With regards to regulations, bicycles cannot be sold in Europe unless those regulations are met. Our e-bikes are conform to the current legislation and to Standards: NF EN 14764 and NF EN 15194. All our e-bikes undergo numerous testings. Our models are conform with legal international standards and regulations. Our customers can be sure our e-bikes are safe.

When comparing us to another brand, please make sure that your choice passed both the Bicycle standard and the Electrical standard for bicycles. In Europe, both standards are compulsory for Electrically Assisted Bicycles since January 2011.

As of transparency, all the security and tests documentation is available for your perusal.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

  • Tauranga : April 4th to 9th - Camper vans and caravans show

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Flying Cat NZ Ltd
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